Thursday, April 10, 2014

Characterize It

Characterize It is hosted by The YA Book Butterfly
This week's topic:
Still Good: Character that maintains their likeability throughout the series.
I decided to go with Louis, the yard teacher from the Wayside School trilogy. I looked through all of my shelves, taking note of the most likeable characters, and when I came to these books, I couldn't not pick Louis. He was always optimistic, and loads of fun! He loved each of the students that attended Wayside, and he was great pals with several of them. He went through a spell where he was kind of uptight and not himself, but the kids called him out on it and he pulled himself back together. He's probably the coolest adult to ever live. 
"Wayside School had an exceptionally large playground. Louis, the yard teacher, was way over on the other side of it when he happened to see Sharie fall out the window. He ducked under the volleyball net, hurtled past the kickball field, hopped over the hopscotch court, climbed through the monkey bars, sped across the grass, and caught Sharie just before she hit the ground. The people in Mrs. Jewel's class cheered."
Gotta love Louis. :)    
Who would you pick for this week's Characterize It?


  1. I hadn't heard of this series! Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. It's really good, you should def check it out!

  2. Hmm me either, I haven't heard of this series. I will have to look it up.