Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nancy Drew Nerd!!! PC Game Love

I'm a HUGE fan of the Nancy Drew PC games. I've been playing those suckers since I was 9! It's been 11 years already! Seriously, where did the time go?

Two games come out per year, and Herinteractive will be releasing their 30th game in May. THIRTY GAMES!!! I really can't believe it when it crosses my mind.

 I've been a devoted gamer; always checking the message boards, having friends and family judge me for being "too old to play those games" (they actually don't judge, they just tease), constantly (and I mean CONTANTLY) obsessing over my favorite character and if he will ever appear.........can you guess who I'm referring to? That's right, SONNY JOON!

 I have loved this character since his first appearance in The Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Whenever I try to take on a job, he was always there before me, and managed to get fired right before I show up. (PS. when you've played all thirty games like I have, you start to think that you're actually Nancy, and you tell your friends about your many trips to such and such, when in fact you've never even left the U.S)

So, for the past several years a petition has gone around stating that the gamers wanted to meet/have a phone convo with Sonny. Herinteractive said multiple times that we would never meet Sonny because then the mystery of who he is and everyone's interest in him would end. Okay, I see their point, and I've always been a bit torn on this myself. On one hand, I've waited almost 9 years to meet Sonny, and darn it, I'm getting tired of waiting! But on the other hand, the anticipation and intrigue that has built up over the years is really what keeps me playing the games. I mean, the games can hold their own without Sonny Joon, but I honestly don't think I would enjoy them near as much if he wasn't around. So the question I've been asking myself is: do I want to meet him, or do I want him to be that swiss cake roll buried in the back of the cupboard just out of reach? GAH, I DON'T KNOW!!!!

Anyway, what I'm about to tell you is the reason I've decided to write this blog post. Sonny Joon...........will be in the 30th game!!!

At first, my brain was like:

I admit, I was close to full out panic mode. I still couldn't make up my mind about Sonny! And then I tried to wrap my brain around the fact that Herinteractive changed their minds! Like, what major company actually listens to their fan's pleas? Honestly, Herinteractive has some of the nicest, most amazing people working there. They've tried hard to please us with this landmark game, but I was still iffy about it. I didn't even know what his role in the game was going to be.
But after the synopsis for the game was released, I was like, "Okay, I'm super happy with this! It's going to be an incredible game. Seriously, take a chill pill, Ash". So now that I'm getting all warmed up for that grand moment when I will have finally met the infamous SONNY JOON, my brain now looks more like this:
Anyway, here's the synopsis for the game that will make NANCY DREW HISTORY!
"Ever since the Secret of the Scarlet Hand, the eccentric Sonny Joon always seemed a step ahead of Nancy Drew. That changes when Nancy and George travel to New Zealand and compete in the hit reality TV contest, Pacific Run. Sonny runs the show, but it's spiraling out of control. Are the mishaps the result of cheating competitors or something beyond this world? Win big to uncover the truth!"

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait until May for this game! And Sonny is on the cover! *squeals* Are any of you big Nancy Drew PC game fans too? What do you think about finally meeting Sonny Joon? Do you think it's a good idea, or should he have been kept a mystery? Even if you haven't played these games, I would still love to know your thoughts about it!

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