Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Channel '63

Title: The Age of Amy: Channel '63
Author: Bruce Edwards
Publisher: Lambert Hill
Publication Date: November 1st 2014
Pages: 224
Genre: Young Adult
My Rating: 4 Starfish

What if you could tune your TV to the year 1963, and watch—live? A new theme park attraction allows visitors to not only observe, but talk with the people of that turbulent decade. For 16-year-old Amy, it’s the perfect escape from her own time, and the hardships of teenage life in the 21st century.

Things get complicated when Amy falls for a teenage boy in the 60s. Trying to build a relationship across time proves maddening, especially when computers bleep any language that might impact the future. Happily, Amy acquires a "magic clicker" which defeats this annoying restriction. But gaining the ability to speak freely comes with a heavy responsibility: Amy now has
the power to alter history!
 - Summary and cover image from Goodreads.

This is by far the weirdest book I've read to why did I enjoy it so much??? If you're a person who loves anything that's fresh, new, different, and a little off the beaten track, then you should definitely give this book a try!

I thought that Amy was a very likeable heroine. Her and her family have a lot of tension between them, and it escalates to the point where Amy wants to be emancipated. While she's going through the hardships of a dysfunctional family life, Amy and her best friend, Hubert, frequently visit the local theme park. This theme park boasts a new attraction called "used-to-be-tv", where anyone can speak with a person from a different time....and it's all LIVE! Amy meets Cliff, a boy from 1963, and (surprise!) they develop feelings for each other. There's just one problem with that. How can a relationship possibly work out when you're living 50 years apart from each other? 

I will admit that some parts were almost too weird. But while there is no doubt about the unusual events and characters in this book, it's clear that the author is a creative genius willing to take risks that I've yet to come across in any other YA book.

The whole concept of being able to talk to people from the past in the form of television is definitely intriguing. The plot twists were absolutely mind-blowing. The characters, I thought, were pretty well fleshed out. They had flaws, but also redeeming qualities to counteract those flaws. And for me personally, it's so hard to like a female main character. Mostly because I can't relate to their personalities and interests, or I disagree with the decisions they make. But Amy was a breath of fresh air. It's a pretty short story, so if you don't feel like putting in a huge time commitment, you'll be able to speed right through this. And just throwing this out there: this book might be categorized as having a love triangle, but do not let that stop you from giving it a fair shot. If you crave the unusual, then you'll be glad you did it.

I would recommend this book to anyone with a thirst for the strange and the daring.

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