Sunday, February 14, 2016

Authors I Would Read Anything By

We all have them, those authors that have entertained us or touched us so deeply that we will literally read anything that they put out, no matter how weird it is. I'm not saying that everyone writes a weird book on occasion, but if they did, it wouldn't matter to us. Because we're those die hard fans.

I have several favorite authors who didn't make it on the list. That's not to say that they aren't brilliant. They just typically have one or two books that I'm fond of, whereas all of the authors listed below, have me hooked on their impeccable style.

I would read anything by:

Kathryn Stockett- She has only written one book titled, "The Help". Her book was adapted into a movie, and let me just say, it's the best thing ever! I wish she would get on the ball and write something else because she's very talented.

Kieran Scott- She's kind of one of those no-name authors that hardly anyone has ever heard of. I happened to stumble across her book "Geek Magnet" by accident, but she should really get more lime light. She does comedy and romance very well. And as a bonus, the books I've read of hers are pretty clean.

Tahereh Mafi- This woman...why has she only written three books?!? Because three novels and a couple of novellas are just not satisfying enough for me. Her writing style is very poetic, and she handles character driven plots beautifully. If she sounds interesting to you, then check out her "Shatter Me" trilogy, you won't be disappointed...unless you detest love triangles.

Francine Rivers- I've read nearly all of her books. Without a doubt one of my favorite authors, she is probably the most well known Christian author around. Everyone typically reads "Redeeming Love" first, but my personal suggestion would be "The Mark of the Lion" trilogy. Especially if you are into stories centering around war and the aftermath of it.

Gretchen McNeil- Another author who doesn't have a large fan base. I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie's works, and when I discovered that this author wrote a book based on "And then there were none", I was sold. What's even better is that I had no clue that she would appeal to me so much. I ended up buying a few more of her books, hence why she's on the list.

Louis Sachar- Um..."Holes" anyone? I've only seen the movie (and so did everyone else who watched Disney channel in the early 2000s), but besides that book, he also wrote the wonderfully whimsical "Wayside School" trilogy! You guys, this trilogy is just top notch creatively. I truly don't think you can get anymore fun than this.

I will probably make more lists like this in the future, considering that there are so many hidden gems out there that I've yet to find! What are some of your authors that you would read anything by? Happy Reading!

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